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Car Accidents Attorneys in Rogers, Minnesota

A large number of GLO’s clients have been injured in automobile collisions in Rogers, MN and the surrounding areas. Our first goal in these situations is to get our clients' medical bills paid so that they can make the fullest possible recovery from their injuries.

There are two possible vehicle accident claims that arise out of an Auto Collision in Rogers, Minnesota. The first is a No Fault Claim. Everyone who has purchased auto insurance in the state of Minnesota has the ability to apply and receive benefits for their medical care from their insurance company through the Minnesota No Fault Act. The Act is designed for people to get their care paid for as they go instead of having to float a bill with a medical provider until a bodily injury claim has been settled or litigated. This claim is against a client’s own insurance company in order to pay for things like medical care, mileage to and from medical care, wage loss, and replacement services. 

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The most common concerns we hear about making a No Fault claim are that the insurance company will jack up the injured person’s premiums or that an injured person will be forced to go to trial to get their bills paid. Neither of these concerns are true. It is against the law in Minnesota to raise the premium of an insured for being in a collision when they were less than 50% at fault. In addition, there is never a trial when an insurance company discontinues benefits of an insured. Instead, the method used to determine if benefits should be paid and reinstated is an informal arbitration. This is discussed in our Alternative Dispute Resolution tab.

The second possible vehicle accident claim that can be pursued in an auto collision is the bodily injury claim. This claim is against the at fault driver’s insurance company for things above and beyond what No Fault will cover such as additional medical or wage loss. A bodily injury claim also includes compensation for the pain and suffering experienced due to the collision.

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