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A few more examples of satisfied clients that GLO has had the opportunity to help in the past.



A young special education teacher from north of the Twin Cities was injured when her car was hit from behind by a teenage driver. She sought emergency room care and followed up with a local chiropractor. Four days after the collision, she filled out the necessary no fault forms.  Even after receiving this information, the insurer advised there would be a delay in payment and claimed it was “investigating” the collision. For the next eight months, the insurer continued to promise that all “bills will be considered for payment when our investigation is complete.” 


By the time the client called us, the treatment bills exceeded $ 9,000 and the insurer was still delaying paymen.  We filed a Petition for Arbitration to force the insurer to pay the bills they had not paid, even before the Inedpendant Medical Exam.  Even though the medical bills exceeded $14,000 by the hearing date, we were able to convince the arbitrator that the insurer wrongfully denied benefits.  The arbitrator awarded the full amount we were seeking.  As a result, the chiropractor was paid in full and the young teacher was able to continue to receive care paid for by the insurer.  She ultimately made a full recovery from her injuries.

A jury recently found in favor of a GLO client who was wrongly accused of burning down his own home.  After a fire in his house when he was away, his insurance company refused to honor its obligation to pay to rebuild the home.  Instead, they accused the client of starting the fire.  The insurance company claimed that our client needed money and set the fire for the insurance.  The insurance company even hired two experts to testify that the client started the fire.  At trial, we were first able to demonstrate that the client did not need money because he was current on his mortgage and had five months of payments in his bank account.  We then showed that the client was 20 miles away at his girlfriend’s house the night of the fire and could not have started it.  Finally, we were able to discredit the insurance company’s fire experts and show their opinions were not reliable. 


The jury found in favor of our client and awarded just under $ 200,000 to pay for repairs to his home, lost personal property and the cost of renting a home after the fire.  In addition, shortly before the trial, the County Attorney filed Arson charges against our client.  When the jury found in our favor, the Arson charges were dismissed.



There have been several stories in the news lately about bicyclists or pedestrians being hit by vehicles and we would like everyone to know that whether you are in your vehicle or not, if a vehicle is involved in your injury you qualify for No-Fault benefits. 


GLO recently took on a client on who was hit by a car while crossing the street. His insurance provider was refusing to pay for his medical care or his wage loss because they claimed they were unsure if this incident ever took place despite a police report reflecting it did. The no fault insurer forced him to attend an examination under oath where he stated on the record that he thought he hit his head on the ground after rolling over the vehicle.


Following the Examination Under Oath his no fault insurer continued to refuse to pay a number of his benefits because he could not remember some aspects of the collision due to hitting his head on the pavement. Through the arbitration process GLO was able to get both his medical bills and wage loss paid so that he was able to make the fullest recovery from his injuries.

Recently a young woman contacted GLO regarding her case.  She had been injured in a collision at an intersection in Northeast Minneapolis.  Even though the other driver had turned left right in front of her, the other driver’s insurer was claiming that the young woman was partially at fault.  The insurance company offered a reduced settlement because they claimed she was at fault.  Convinced that she did nothing wrong, the young woman hired our office to represent her.  Through hard work, we were able to get the insurance company to admit the collision was totally the fault of their driver. As a result, the young woman’s faith in herself was vindicated and the insurer offered a settlement that was over twice as much as before. 

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