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Practice Areas

Gillespie Law Offices LLP (GLO) in Rogers, MN, has four primary practice areas. We limit ourselves to these four areas so that we can continue to strive to meet our most important goal of providing Minnesota with Competent, Reliable, and Affordable legal aid.  
Personal Injury 

GLO has over 30 years of personal injury law experience in Minnesota. For the last 12 years GLO has specialized in personal injuries caused by car accidents. We have collected money from insurance companies to pay for medical bills, vehicle damage, loss of wages, pain and suffering, and even mileage to and from medical visits due to the collision.

Our number one goal in our personal injury cases is to help our clients to fully recover from their injuries. No one gets better unless they seek medical care. No one can get medical care unless the insurance company pays for it. Therefore our first priority is to make sure the insurance company is paying for ongoing care.

Alternative Dispute Resolution & Mediation


Alternative Dispute Resolution or mediation has become increasingly common. Mediation is an alternative cost effective way for parties to come to a conclusion with less time and expense.


GLO offers mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution services in Rogers, MN and the surrounding areas.


Criminal Defense 


From Traffic offenses like Speeding or leaving the scene of an accident to more serious offenses like assault and DWI, GLO has resolved numerous criminal defense issues throughout the years.





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