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Gillespie Law Office has over 30 years of experience practicing law across the state of Minnesota. 

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Gillespie Law Offices in Rogers, MN, proudly provides legal services in the following practice areas.


Personal Injury focusing on automobile collisions and No Fault disputes. In addition, we represent clients in Criminal Defense, and Alternative Dispute Resolution such as Mediation and Arbitration.


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News from Our Lawyers

Out of State Collisions

GLO was recently approached by a woman and her daughter who were Minnesota residents, but were injured in an auto collision while on vacation out of state. The insurance companies told the woman that not only did she not qualify for Minnesota No Fault insurance coverage, but also that her rates would greatly increase if she was to file a claim. (even though she was 0% at fault) 


When GLO got involved we were able to force the insurance company to pay medical bills under No Fault (as Minnesota Law Requires) and keep her insurance rates from rising since it is against Minnesota law to raise someone’s rates for a collision they are less than 50% at fault for. (MN Statute 72.A20 Sub 23(B))


The lesson in this testimonial is that no matter where you are when a collision takes place, as a Minnesota resident you have access to Minnesota No Fault insurance to pay for medical bills related to your recovery. 

If you are Injured While Driving on the Job, We Have News for You!


Anyone in Minnesota who is injured while driving on the job, has two potential claims.  Most people realize they have a worker’s compensation claim, but recently we have been able to get additional compensation for our clients through their car insurance.


In several cases, we have been able to obtain over $ 10,000 in additional compensation for clients that contact us after they were injured while driving on the job.  This is true even if they have a worker’s compensation lawyer. 


Workers compensation only pays for part of an injured person’s lost wages.  In one case, our client was at fault for the collision when he drove in front of an oncoming train.  Even though he was at fault, we were able to get additional wage loss compensation through automobile no fault insurance. 


We can also get bills for additional medical care after workers compensation refuses to pay for over 12 weeks of chiropractic care. 


If you were injured while driving at work, even if it was your fault, you should call us to discuss possible additional compensation in addition to worker’s compensation.


with the recent rain, GLO would like to remind everyone to slow down and use extreme caution when traveling through puddles. Without knowing the depth of the puddle, even traveling through it at 30mph could be catastrophic. Also, with the floods forecasted this spring, we would like to remind people that it is never recommended to drive through moving water.


GLO is proud to announce that Partner Mike Gillespie has been elected President of the Northwest Metro Jaycees. Founded in 1980, The Northwest Area Jaycees are an organization of people ages 18-40, who are dedicated to providing individual development and leadership training through community work.

GLO congratulates Mike on this honor.


Recent Cases

Another Jury finds for GLO Client


In the Winter of 2017 GLO was approached by a man who had been in a very serious motor vehicle collision. He had lost control, hit another car and rolled his car several times in the ditch. He was thrown from the vehicle and was found unconscious pinned under the back end of the vehicle. The police responded to the scene and the man was airlifted to the hospital. At the scene the Police found a bottle of prescription pills that a doctor had prescribed for the man.


Even though the prescription was completely valid, the police charged the man with Driving While Under the Influence.  They added charges of Careless Driving, Speeding, Failure to Drive with Due Care, No Seat Belt, No Proof of Insurance and No Insurance.  It was at this point, that the victim turned to our office for help.


The attorneys first provided information that our client had insurance.  The state therefore dismissed the No Insurance, and No Proof of Insurance charges.


Next, the attorneys challenged the basis for the Driving Under the Influence charge.  We provided the court on the man’s prescription to show he had a valid reason to possess the pills.  We then provided the court legal precedent and the Court agreed to dismiss the Driving While Under the Influence charge.


Attorney Michael Gillespie took the remaining charges to trial.  Just before the trial was to begin, Attorney Gillespie was also able to get the Failure to drive with Due Care, Speeding and No Seat belt charges dismissed as well.


After a trial, the jury agreed with Attorney Gillespie and found the client Not Guilty of the only remaining charge against him, Careless driving.


The end result was that through the efforts of GLO attorneys, the client was cleared of all seven charges filed against him. 

Gillespie Law Offices (GLO) was recently contacted by a woman who was treating with a local chiropractor. The woman was a Minnesota resident but split her time between here and Arizona in the winter. She contacted our office to get a second opinion on claims she thought were possible for a collision she experienced a year prior.


She had already spoken to a big firm downtown that had told her that since she had Arizona plates on her vehicle and Arizona insurance that there was nothing that could be done for her in Minnesota since Arizona law will apply.

Thankfully for her, GLO had just recently taken a case up to the Minnesota Supreme Court which ruled that regardless of where your insurance was purchased that if you are involved in a collision in Minnesota then Minnesota law applies instead of the state in which the insurance was purchased. This case was Founders Insurance Company v. Yates.


Due to the Founders v. Yates decision by the Minnesota Supreme Court GLO knew that this woman was entitled to benefits under Minnesota law not Arizona law. We were able to get an additional $18,000.00 available to her for her medical bills and were able to pursue a liability claim for the woman as well. 


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