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Notice to Medical Providers:

The Minnesota Court of Appeals recently issued a ruling that is important to you and your auto injury patients.  The Court ruled that Minnesota Statute 62Q.75 applies to all medical providers, even those treating auto injury patients.  Section 62Q.75 requires all medical providers send bills to insurers within six months of the date care is provided.  The statute states that if bills are not sent to insurers within six months, the bill becomes null and void and cannot be collected from any insurer or the patient. 


For patients whose no fault benefits have been terminated by the insurer, it becomes even more important that the provider continue to bill the no fault insurer even though the insurer will deny the bill.  We expect no fault insurers will more aggressively use the statute to avoid paying bills for medical care.  The insurers will keep track and will seek to avoid paying charges that were not billed, even if the insurer would have denied the bill if it had received it.


GLO Volunteers to Provide FREE LEGAL ADVICE


GLO regularly provides free legal advice through Wright County and will be doing so this Thursday, February 23rd. Below is more Information regarding the Free Law Clinic:

Central Minnesota Legal Services in cooperation with the Law Library and local volunteer attorneys offer a free law clinic, in the Law Library, Thursday's 12 noon to 1 p.m. Wright County residents or those with a Wright County case may participate. The clinics often book up a week or more in advance so if you don't have an appointment and the clinic is full you will likely be asked to return the following week.


For more information, stop by the Law Library, visit or call Colleen Norgren at 763 682-7592 to sign up.


GLO Wins in The Minnesota Supreme Court


The Minnesota Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of a GLO client who was seeking to force his insurer to pay his medical bills.  The insurance company claimed that it did not have to pay because they were not a Minnesota Company.  We had to fight the insurer all the way to the State Supreme Court to force the insurer to pay benefits for necessary medical care.  As a result of our efforts, the client was able get the treatment that allowed him to make a full recovery from his injuries.  The client received additional compensation for his disability, his pain and his suffering following the collision until he recovered. 

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